The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will host representatives from 18 states and two federal agencies for its second ever national two-day summit next month.

"We're going to talk all things elk, so we're looking forward to that," Mark Holyoak said. "There's all sorts of issues. There's public lands management, predator management, there's disease, issues specifically in Arkansas right now that just popped up with CWD and in other locations, there's public access, hunting; Just all sorts of different things."

"This is an invaluable opportunity for us to rub shoulders with our partner agencies that do so much to look after elk and elk country," VP of Lands and Conservation Blake Henning said. "It also gives the state and federal agencies a chance to discuss commonly-held challenges and solutions to a myriad of land and wildlife issues."

Holyoak said this summit is a great opportunity to check in on challenges, successes and strategies that other states are having and figure out how to better deal with them at home.

"We have information at our website at and that's how people can get involved. Once the summit wraps up, we'll have another wrap up as well," Holyoak said. "It's just another way that we're looking to cement the future of elk and elk country across the nation."

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