On Air show from April 6, 2013.

During this show On Saturday morning we will be chatting again about restoring women’s hormones, understanding more about female-related cancers, and looking closer at nutrients that may better fight this devastating diagnosis.

Also, a discussion about malpractice in hospitals, where research reveals one-in-four patients come-out worse than when they went in. Doctors often determine treatment options based on protocols from pharmaceutical companies they’re invested with.

All-in-all, there is plenty to discuss again during this Open-Line Edition of “Gesundheit! With Jacobus”.

Segment 1
This week's Open Line show begins with a discussion about female health, including information about hormone replacement therapy and info from the Life Extension Foundation

Segment 2
Jacobus talks about estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency, and takes a call from a women who was talked into a hysterectomy by her doctor.

Segment 3
Jacobus discusses more about female hormone restoration as well as an article about breast cancer and other female cancers.

Segment 4
Jacobus discusses the risks for estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency as well as the relationship between diet and estrogen.

Segment 5
A caller talks about the dangers of soy and Jacobus comments on harmful and/or lethal errors in medicine.

Segment 6
Jacobus discusses the financial and emotional costs of unnecessary tests. He also talk about shocking medical errors such as preventable adverse drug reactions, avoidable infections, and "surgical souvenirs."