Montana's Democratic Governor Steve Bullock delivered his State of the State Address on Wednesday night before a joint session of the legislature.

President Pro Tempore of the State Senate, Republican Eric Moore, gave his response in the same chamber later that evening before a much smaller, but very enthusiastic partisan audience.

Moore began by distancing the Republican philosophy from that of the Democratic governor.

"The government should work for the people, and never, ever force, or even encourage them to become dependent on it," Moore said to raucous applause. "Republicans believe that the government should do only what the private sector cannot, and that government should do those things very well. Remember, the jack of all trades is the master of none. Finally, Republicans know that jobs, prosperity, and real opportunity come from the private sector and not from

government (more cheers)."

Regarding the governor's plan to expand Medicaid in the state, Moore said his philosophy is off base.

"Republicans know that we are obligated to care for those who can't care for themselves," he said. "but the governor's plan to expend Obamacare to able-bodied, childless adults takes resources away from the most vulnerable in our communities. And, while the governor seems to be focused on expanding costly, government-sponsored insurance, Republicans want to provide actual healthcare, because we will not put the health of government contracts over the health of our people."

Moore went on to criticize the governor's plans for infrastructure and early childhood education.

With a majority in both the House and the Senate, Republicans will have much to say about the success or failure of Governor Bullock's proposals.

State Senator Eric Moore

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