It's been a few days now, but this is a point that still needs to be made.

Do you remember the news update back on August 9th? The MSU-Billings college campus was reportedly on lockdown due to the threat of a gunman potentially headed to campus. Thankfully the "all-clear" was given shortly thereafter.

I remember thinking at the time- wait a minute, why would they think a gunman would possibly show up on a college campus? College campuses are gun-free zones, and we all know how criminals like to obey laws, right?

For those who may not recall, Montana basically has Constitutional Carry laws on the books now. Gary Marbut with the Montana Shooting Sports Association says the gun rights laws in Montana are more accurately described as "permitless carry" in Montana.

Thanks to the 2021 Montana Legislature, and a bill passed by Rep. Seth Berglee (R-Joliet), you can now carry a concealed firearm basically anywhere in Montana without a concealed carry permit- except for college campuses.

Why not college campuses? Especially since we all know that so-called "gun free" zones end up being targeted by lawless mass shooters. Montana law says that you CAN exercise your 2nd Amendment rights and carry on a college campus, but that particular piece of law was struck down by a liberal judge in Helena. The liberal Montana Supreme Court backed up the decision saying that Constitutional rights do not apply on college campuses.

So at the end of the day, if a gunman (God forbid) is headed to a college campus, you can thank the liberal judges for leaving your kids and the staff defenseless.

One more reason to get someone on the Montana Supreme Court like James Brown who actually supports your Constitutional rights.

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