Much like Yellowstone Wolverines, the blooming Montana Marshmallow trees are an elusive site.

We've still got plenty of winter weather to go this season, so we thought we'd share the easiest marshmallow recipe ever created.

I've recently become aware of a 'cheater' recipe for homemade rice crispy treats and it has changed my life a little bit. Sweets aren't my bag, but every once in a while I CRAVE one of those things.

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My mom used to make them for me every once in a while but sadly I've never made my own properly. They seem like they'd be a frustrating mess so I never bothered. Not anymore, friend. Game changer.

All you need to make your own, single-serve rice crispy treat: rice crispies, marshmallows, a bit of butter, a microwave and a mug. That's it. No mess. You just nuke it for a few seconds!

Michelle's "Super Lazy Person Rice Crispy Treat in a Mug" recipe:

  • Get a microwave safe mug (or a bowl for a larger portion)
  • Put a VERY thin pat of butter in the bottom. You don't need very just helps for flavor, authenticity and cleanup of the mug you use.
  • Place marshmallows into the mug. Fill it only about half way, as they'll expand as they melt in the microwave. They'll sort of bubble up to the rim or just beyond it.
  • Put the mug into the microwave for 15 seconds, but no more. You don't want exploding marshmallows all over. You might only need 10 or 12 seconds for them to bubble just depends on your microwave strength.
  • Take the mug out and pour in as many rice crispies that will fit and stir with a fork. BOOM. You've got "Super Lazy Person Rice Crispy Treat in a Mug".

When you're done, just let that mug or bowl soak with water for a little bit in the sink. The marshmallow residue comes right off!

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