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Sooner or later the time will come when you're asked or will ask to appear on radio or TV. It may be a business promotion, and advertisement or an interview about your industry. It's almost as bad as public speaking and most people fear that more than death itself.

In order to be successful at anything there must be some planning. Even a kid opening a roadside lemonade stand does some planning; he/she finds lemons, gets a pitcher, some ice, sweetener, and glasses.

I was a basket case during my first interview. I had to hang on to the desktop to keep from shaking. Now some 12 years later I have my own radio call in show. So it can be done.

If you do have to be on radio or TV here are some pointers to make it easier.

  • Put the fact that you’re talking to — or being seen by thousands of people — out of your mind. You can't see them — so for all practical purposes they do not exist. Talk to the interviewer or pretend you’re talking with your best friend and let everyone else eavesdrop.
  • Prepare. Usually your fear is of the unknown. Make sure you have good notes and give the interviewer a list of questions that you want to talk about. Don't let the interviewer surprise you with questions you’re not prepared to answer
  • See if the interviewer will let you visit the station a few days in advance of your appearance. See if you can observe someone else's interview and see how it goes with him or her and what you can expect when it's your turn.
  • If you’re doing the interview on radio by phone from your home or office do it on your feet. I always think better moving around. But use a land line if possible because wireless phones and moving around may alter the signal.
  • If it's portable try to bring your product with you. Even on radio. It's easier to talk about your product if it's right there where you can touch it and see it. Or see if the station has the ability to do a Facebook Live broadcast to showcase your product.
  • Most importantly be you. Don't use any words you don't use in your everyday life. Using big words doesn't impress anyone and most listeners and viewers will be able to tell you don't use them regularly.
  • Dress appropriately. Even for radio where they can't see you. Dress as you would want your customers to see you. If that's a white shirt and tie then do it. You will feel more at ease in your normal work dress. For TV, depending on the circumstances, a coat and tie may be necessary even if it's not your normal dress. Remember, you are representing your business and you want to do that looking and sounding your best.
  • If other interviews are being done at the same time, let someone else go first. Reason: they will arrange the lights and sound and all the settings with the first person. Minor or no adjustments will be made for all the others. You will be made to sit there longer and there is a greater chance of your anxiety increasing. Let someone else be the test subject. When it’s your turn sit down and knock it out.
  • If you’re being taped for playback on the station at a later time and feel you didn't do well, ask if you can do it again. If they have the time they may let you. After all they want a good presentation too.

Some Final Thoughts

Radio and TV can do great things for your business. I know it's natural to be fearful but try and put that aside. Exposure is the name of the game in business and the more you can generate the better your business will be.



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