Come support those willing to jump in freezing cold water to raise money for the Montana Special Olympics. Each of the plungers has raised at least $100 for the cause and really want to just take the dive. There's a chicken coup for those to scared to get wet but if enough of you show up and cheer them on you could get them out and into the water.


Help the Bozeman Community raise money for Special Olympics Montana. Join in the fun of this annual event where Bozeman residents of all sorts take a plunge into the cold waters of The Bozeman Ponds.

Day of the Plunge - Saturday February 21
10:00am - 11:30am
– Plunge Check-In/Registration @ Bozeman Ponds
2:00pm – Awards Party @ Fuddruckers – 2905 West Main (Plungers eat free up to $5, drink not included)

What to expect the day of the Plunge

  • All Plungers (and chickens) must check-in at the Plunge Registration Area. Registration will take place from 10:00am to 11:30am at Bozeman Ponds. You will need to bring with you the Plunger Pledge Sheet, all pledges collected and a signed waiver (we will have extra forms onsite if needed). Be sure to check-in early to avoid the rush and to have plenty of time to change into your plunge attire. Last minute registrations are welcome.
  • Plunge shirts will be handed out at registration on a first-come first-serve basis. If you do not receive your shirt at the plunge, visit to place your order.
  • Male and Female changing areas are provided onsite. Plungers may change in and out of their plunge attire before and after the plunge. Special Olympics is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All Plungers must be ready by 12:00pm for the plunge and be in their plunge attire. You can wear a jacket, bathrobe, blankets and towels to keep warm. Shoes are a must as you will be walking on the freezing ground. You will also need to bring your Plunger Card that will be given to you during registration.
  • IT’S PLUNGE TIME: The Polar Plunge “lifeguard” will collect the Plunger Card for each Plunge Team or individual Plunger. Volunteers will be on hand to take your nice, cozy warm cover-ups and your team will take their place at the starting point. The emcee will announce your team and 1, 2, 3….go! Each team will jump together into water that is approximately 4 feet deep! FOR YOUR SAFETY – absolutely NO DIVING, NO CANNONBALLS, NO SOMERSAULTS!!!
  • You may exit the water quickly or take a lap around the water. For safety reasons, you must exit the water before the next team plunges. Search and Rescue will be in the water to help you out safely. Hot Springs Spas will provide a hot tub for you to thaw out in.
  • The actual Plunge will go very quickly – about 20 to 30 minutes. So be sure your friends and family members don’t miss it.
  • Polar Plunge cold weather plan. We are planning on hosting the President’s Plunge but if temperatures on Saturday are at or below ZERO degrees, we will change it to a “Pinkie Plunge” where participants can dip a body part into the water, but not fully submerge. If this is the case than we will alert the media and make sure folks know that the event is still going on, but altered for safety reasons. The event will not be cancelled due to the cold.
  • After the event, Plungers will need to visit to order any additional incentives they have earned. Photos will be posted as soon as we receive them.