Some people like to show their support behind causes with flags or yard signs, but this is a more subtle way of showing your support.

In every neighborhood, apartment complex, or suburb in Montana, you will see people supporting different causes. This support usually comes in the form of flags on a pole or hung in a window or various yard signs on their lawn.

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Many folks might not know there is a more subtle way to support causes, and it's pretty simple.

Photo by Jarrod Reed via Unsplash
Photo by Jarrod Reed via Unsplash

Have you driven by a house in Montana and seen someone's porch light a different color? If you have ever wondered what different colored porch light colors are, here's what you need to know.

  • Red Lights: Support for Firefighters
  • Blue Lights: Support for Law Enforcement
  • Green Lights: Support for Veterans, Military, and Environment
  • Pink Lights: Support for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Orange Lights: Support for Multiple Sclerosis Awareness
  • Yellow Lights: Support For Missing Children Awareness
  • White Lights: Support for Emergency Medical Services
  • Purple Lights: Support for Domestic Violence Survivors

Why use these lights on your porch instead of a flag or yard sign? Light bulbs are more affordable but can illuminate to people their feelings for the people around them. These lights can help folks who might be struggling or might not know who their allies are in their community.

Photo by Johannes Plenio via Unsplash
Photo by Johannes Plenio via Unsplash

Having a porch light show their support can reassure people in these groups and causes that they have supporters wherever they might be.

So the next time you are driving around and see a porch light with a different color, you might know the cause or group they support.

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