CBS President Leslie Moonves has resigned after being accused of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. But would and SHOULD an innocent person resign if they are NOT guilty. I say no. As I watch Moonves resign he puts out a statement saying he is not guilty. Excuse me, your not guilty and you are resigning? Sounds fishy.

No, I always believe the worst about people. I am trying to fight that. I wounder, why would someone make an accusation against you if it were not true. As I grow as a person I am really surprised to learn it happens. I saw a woman accuse a man of rape, I thought he was guilty, only to find out that he was innocent. She was lying.

Here is a clip of a woman, who would never lie, who might be lying.

Now, Moonves will receive $100,000,000 for resigning.

Well, I have been told that many people would resign even if they were not guilty because the temptation of $100,000,000 is just too great. I understand that, but that's you and me unlike Moonves, who is already worth about $500,000,000.

If you were already worth $500,000,000, the key word being ALREADY, would that changes things for you?

If you were accused of rape, and there is no proof, except a person says 20 years earlier that you raped her. What would you do?

Question 1: Even though you are innocent, but low on money, would you resign for $100,000,000?

Question 2: Even though you are innocent, you are rich. Would you resign for $100,000,000?

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