As Bozeman continues to grow and gas prices continue to rise, could better public transportation be the answer?


Bozeman is growing at an astronomical rate, and many people hoping to purchase a home within city limits are settling for homes in outlying communities such as Belgrade and Manhattan. Many people that work in Bozeman commute from those areas almost every day.

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With gas prices on the rise, commuting into Bozeman can get expensive. We recently asked our listeners how they felt about public transportation and if those living in the area thought that Bozeman needed better options for public transportation.

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First, we'd like to thank everyone that took the time to vote in the poll, and the results were definitely one-sided. Here's a breakdown of the results.

  • Yes: 71.11%
  • No: 24.44%
  • Don't Use Public Transportation: 4.44%

Judging by the results, it looks like most people would like better public transportation options in the Bozeman area.

Row of Parked Buses

I'm a huge fan of public transportation, and when it's done correctly, it can be a great benefit to any community. As of right now, the furthest that you can travel on a Streamline Bus is Belgrade. It would be great if additional routes were added for people living in different parts of the Gallatin Valley.

For many people that work in Bozeman but live outside of city limits, a regular bus route or commuter train are both great options. The Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority hopes to restore passenger train service along the North Coast Hiawatha line in southern Montana, but that most likely won't happen anytime soon.

Sadly, there aren't any immediate plans to add more options for public transportation in the Gallatin Valley.

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