22 year-old Peter Breigenzer was arrested early Thursday morning after continuing a Halloween tradition of placing a pumpkin atop the spire of UM's Main Hall.

Director of Communications for the President's Office, Paula Short said the tradition of placing a pumpkin atop Main Hall may be humorous for the public, but it creates a real hazard for the suspect, as well as the officers involved in the incident.

"The twist this year is that, unlike in prior years, when whomever is responsible for placing the pumpkin remains anonymous, University of Montana Police did actually apprehend the person who is responsible," Short said. "At about 3:30 this morning a UM PD officer observed a man trying to climb Main Hall, The officer gave the order for the man to descend, but instead, the man continued to climb to the top of the building, placed the pumpkin, then descended, where he was taken into custody."

Short said, despite the entertainment value of seeing a pumpkin atop Main hall for Halloween, the act itself could end in tragedy.

"It is important to remind people that it is extremely dangerous," she said. "There are 'No Trespassing' signs posted around the building and on the fire escapes and police will arrest anyone that is caught attempting to scale the building."

Short paraphrased a comment by the arresting UM PD officer.

"This is a more than 100 year-old building, and you might be trusting it a little too much that you can tie in, or scale the side of the building. It is just not safe to do that."

Court records indicate that Breigenzer appeared in Municipal Court on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass and obstructing a peace officer.

Short said there are no plans to retrieve the pumpkin. It will stay atop Main Hall until nature takes its course and it falls down naturally.