If you have never heard of phrogging, you should learn what it's all about because if you own a home, it could happen to you. 

We know a growing problem with homeless in the Gallatin Valley and throughout Montana. Every major city in Montana has folks living in tents, trailers, or RVs. There seems to be no end in sight, and there is something you need to be aware of if you own a home or property. 

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We've discussed Squatter's Rights here in Montana and how to prevent that from happening to you or your property. A new problem across America is terrifying and will have you checking your windows, doors, and rooms. 

Photo by Jens Aber via Unsplash
Photo by Jens Aber via Unsplash

There is a new problem with homeless folks, and it's called phrogging

Phrogging is similar to squatting, but instead of someone trying to claim the land as their own, these folks secretly live in homes occupied by the homeowner. 

Photo by Malik Earnest via Unsplash
Photo by Malik Earnest via Unsplash

The term phrogging comes from these folks hopping from one house to another to avoid detection. 

Thinking about this is scary. It's become such a problem, there was a horror movie recently released about phrogging called I See You, and it will get under your skin.

No one wants to learn a random stranger has been secretly living in your home without your knowledge. That's horrifying. 

How can you prevent this? Check your windows and locks to make sure they are functioning. You could also set your house up with a security system or video cameras. Another way to keep you aware of potential threats is a dog. They are territorial creatures and will alert you if someone is possibly accessing your house. 

If you own a house in Montana, you should check all the hidden areas in case someone is phrogging. Stay safe! 

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