I don't usually write reviews about concerts that I attend, but I decided to make an exception after seeing The War & Treaty at Live From the Divide in Bozeman.

Jesse James
Jesse James

If you haven't heard of The War & Treaty, they definitely need to be on your radar. You may not hear much of their music on mainstream radio, but trust me, do yourself a favor, and look them up. The War and Treaty are a husband and wife duo that consists of Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter.

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I saw them perform live for the first time at Live From the Divide in Bozeman. The experience is difficult to put into words. Several times throughout the show, I was brought to tears due to how emotional the performance was.

Live From the Divide is truly a special place. In fact, there aren't many places in the world where you can get as up close and personal with artists and songwriters as you can at the small intimate venue that's been converted from a cold storage warehouse that was used during Bozeman's railroad days. The venue, which only has about 50 seats, allows listeners to experience music and truly hear it.

I was incredibly fortunate to attend the matinee show this afternoon, and it was one of the most mind-blowing things I've ever experienced. Last week, they were the musical guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and they're touring in support of their new album, Lover's Game, which is fantastic, by the way. Check out some pictures from The War & Treaty at Live From the Divide below. For a list of upcoming shows at Live From the Divide, click here.

The War & Treaty at Live From the Divide in Bozeman, Montana

Check out some pictures from the War & Treaty's matinee show at Live From the Divide in Bozeman.

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