A 21-year-old Pennsylvania man missing for four days was found alive. He was described by the Helena Independent as suffering “injuries to his feet, ...unable to walk and was not dressed for the elements.”

For some reason, this Pennsylvania guy left camp and went for a walk around the Montana wilderness. The idea he may get lost, attacked by a grizzly bear or a mountain lion never occurred to him. I don't think they have grizzly bears, or mountain lions in Pennsylvania.

Rocky Mountain Ranger Mike Munoz announced that the missing man, after surviving four days, was found Friday. Ranger Munoz described the man in good condition but very tired and dehydrated.

The search by the U.S. Forest Service in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilder started Monday. The Pennsylvania man was attending a guide and packer school when we decided to go for a walk. The future guide and packer may not want to tell customers how he got lost in the wilderness and almost died.


(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

Lost Horse Fire
photo by Mel Holloway

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