What’s happening in our colleges today? A student sees something and suddenly needs therapy and counseling?

A Confederate Flag on a notebook or a Trump '16 in chalk on a sidewalk suddenly triggers a full mental breakdown?

I’m going to have to go after the parents in this situation.

What did you do to your children in their formative years?

Did you shield them from anything, and everything, you considered stressful?

Were you thinking that you were protecting them? Protecting them from what? — Life?

Safe Zones

Attention society — there are no safe zones in real life. If visual experiences cause you angst then your chances of success in any endeavor are going to be drastically diminished.

I would definitely dismiss the idea of gainful employment because you will not be able to cope with the bumper stickers in the employee parking lot.

TV or radio news would also be out for you.

College Administrators

The worst part of this whole fiasco is that college administrations are buying into this hook, line and sinker.

I can understand not wanting your campus all chalked up but it’s better than spray paint. When did our bastions of higher learning remove free speech from the curriculum?

If a speaker with opposing views is scheduled to speak at a university the modus operandi of the student body is to simply shout them down or protest until the invitation is rescinded.

And the administration always caves to these one-sided methods.

Wake up Dean, you’ve got their tuition money. No refunds.

They paid to be there and that’s all. The only protection that should be guaranteed is freedom from physical injury or attack.

Chalk on a wall is chalk of a wall — nothing more.

Political Correctness

In my opinion, political correctness has finally reached the tipping point on our college campuses.

It’s time for both students and administrators to realize that neither can protect the other from life.

There are going to be things you don’t like, things people say you don’t like, and events you don’t like.

Don’t participate if you’re opposed, but don’t deny others their rights to be exposed to varying points of view if they so choose.

The purpose of college is to provide a learning environment for the free exchange of ideas and opinions. Not a left, right, pro, anti, I’m offended environment.

Some Final Thoughts

If your child is one of the teeth gnashing students featured on any of the 24/7 news channels, you might want to give them a call and tell them to grow up.

If the Confederate Flag on a notebook requires a Valium, you might want to consider putting a flag you like on your own notebook.

Maybe that will freak the offender out and you can call it even.

I expected better than kindergarten conduct from our future leaders.

What I’m seeing on campus today does not give me a secure feeling about where our country is headed.

Today's parent’s need to wake up and smell the political correctness. If not, you’re putting your children on a very slippery slope to failure.

Not everyone gets the coveted trophy at the workplace.

They’ll never make it out of the parking lot for the job interview.

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