Tom Vanderbilt from Outside Magazine will be on my show, Dominick In The Morning, to discuss a great story that may affect all of us living in Bozeman, Montana, “Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain town?

We, the average people of Bozeman, may soon be in a situation that has been happening to towns around America: We can't afford to live here anymore.

Here is a bit of the story:

“In Bozeman, in Ketchum, in Jackson, in just about every destination or gateway town, one hears a similar murmur: not only are short-term rentals squeezing the last drops out of the housing supply, but more pro­foundly, they are threatening the very character that drew in locals—and tourists.”

Living and working in a town like Bozeman, we are blessed. As a former New Yorker, I never really knew how blue the sky could be until I moved to Montana.

Some of us who are not rich, unlike the newcomers from California and now Colorado, we need to eat, sleep, go to work and live in a place we might soon be priced out of.

Read this from the article and see if he doesn't sound like what is happening in Bozeman.

“In the Mountain West—“God’s country, renter’s hell,” as one alt-weekly tagged it—where towns are already chronically beset by housing shortages, traffic problems, and the invariable ambivalence about sharing one’s slice of heaven with the tourists who help sustain it, the entrance of Airbnbs and VRBOs and HomeAways has heightened the tension”

Find out what else might be in store for us tomorrow on “Dominick In The Morning” when Tom Vanderbilt from Outside Magazine talks about his story “Did Airbnb Kill the Mountain town?”


Credit:Christian Science Monitor/Getty Images

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