Okay, you know the news, actor Robert De Niro on live television at the Tony Awards cursed out President Trump. "F*** Trump," he said and the audience of mainly actors and actresses gave him a standing ovation.

2018 Tony Awards - Show
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Today my callers on Dominick in the Morning were very upset and wondered if someone at the awards show would have said "F*** Obama."  What would have happened?

The hate that actors and Hollywood have for our president doesn't make sense. Its was live television, families across the world where watching and in some places, they weren't able to bleep him. The "F" word got on the air.

But let's face the facts, De Niro is a bully and a punk. I recently heard an audio tape of how De Niro verbally abused a young director who dared to try to give him some direction.

"You don't know what you're talking about," he told the director, exposing his ego and nasty personality.

It's amazing that some people admire this "actor" and have no idea how he really is, a mean, ego-maniac who thinks he can abuse people.

Someone needs to put this guy in his place.

He is tough in movies, but in real life people are scared to stand up to him. I dare him to come to Bozeman, Montana and face me. I wont kiss his butt, I will tell him the truth.

Bobby- Stop watching Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and MSNBC. Before you open your big mouth, get the truth!

Because of our president, unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics is the lowest it has ever been. We are standing up to countries that are charging American milk farmers a 300% tariff. Oh, but maybe you don't care about farmers who are having a hard time making ends meet. I notice you have no problems making movies in Canada, a country that forces Hollywood to hire mostly Canadian actors. Yes, they have a quota system.

You had better not come to Montana with you America-hating attitude, because you will get an earful.

Dominick Brascia

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