I’ve lost count of how many Hollywood types claim they will leave the US based on who wins the presidency.

Tell Me Where It’s Better

Most have already won life’s lottery by just being born here. Where are you planning to go where you have the same freedoms you enjoy here?

I’m sure the lists of socialist countries are high on your list.

Denmark seems to be very popular these days. Free college, healthcare, two or three years of paid vacation.

Of course you’ll be paying 50 percent of more of your paycheck in taxes and buying most of what you need on the black market but you can afford that.

At least you won’t have to live in a terrible country with blank as president.

Presidential Survival

So far I’ve survived 13 presidents starting with FDR. Some good, some bad, but I survived them all.

And never felt the need to bail out of my homeland.

In case you didn’t know presidents only have a shelf life of 4-8 years. Some of the worst have been re-elected and some of the best have not.

Plus presidents are not kings. They’re one leg of a three-legged checks and balances stool.

While they can do some things by executive order they are not autonomous. The very reason we have term limits on presidents is to prevent there being a permanent head of state.

So to say you’ll leave the country if your candidate doesn’t make it shows selfishness and total ignorance of our system.

The president is supposed to be a president for all the people not just to serve your petty ideologies.

Some Final Thoughts

I suppose after enjoying the hospitality of some other country you’ll come crawling back when someone you like is elected.

If you’re that ignorant then I would suggest using your considerable wealth to maintain several homes around the world because government leaders everywhere change now and then.

You don’t want to end up in a country where the person elected won’t let you leave do you?

Count your blessings, vote, shut up, and live with the choice of the American people no matter how distasteful that might be for you.

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