Reading today’s headlines you’d think the world is on the downward slope to extinction.

Everyone is put upon. There is no group of people you can name that don’t have a victim card carefully concealed somewhere on their person ready to pull out and flash.

This method is carefully designed to elevate the cardholder to a much higher level of compassion, understanding and immunity from your argument.

After all, no one can attack a victim.

However many amateurs flash the card too soon.

Here are some tips on when to flash your victim card.

When The Discussion Becomes An Argument

As long as you’re involved in a discussion you’re safe. You can fend off most of the common view points with ease.

All the 24/7 news channel's talking heads will provide you with an unending arsenal of carefully crafted talking points.

However, as the discussion gets more heated, and actual facts come out, and you feel your superiority and intelligence is slowly beginning to ebb, you have that little backup.

Pull out your racist, bigot, homophobe, immigrant, Islamaphobe, Muslim, war on women, automatic weapons card and suddenly your once powerful opponent is now a defenseless quivering mass of guilt ridden Jello with no chance of a formidable comeback.

The tables have been turned because no one can attack a victim.

Accept their apology graciously and move on basking in your worldly superiority.

Some Final Thoughts

As you can easily see, playing the victim can be quite effective if you follow the rules and play your cards right.

The more victims that the media identifies for you, the easier it gets. The only downside is you lose original thought and become addicted to your victimization.

You gather others to strengthen your numbers.

You become a voting block. And no one can attack a victim.

You are free at last. Well, sort of. There is always another victim waiting to play their card on you. Hope you like Jello.

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