Since I arrived in Montana, people have been telling me that I should hike. I don't understand the joy of hiking. You walk around and your legs hurt. I also worry about bobcats, wolves and grizzly bears attacking me.

Why would anyone in there right mind put themselves in danger. Well, this week if you haven't heard about it or read about it, a 72-year-old Idaho woman was attacked by a killer bison. The crazed animal dropped its head, butted her in the thigh and pushed her off the trail. The poor lady could have been killed and eaten by this wild animal.

Who knows how many Montana hikers have been attacked by wild man-eating bison. We are told she's was the first Yellowstone visitor hurt by a bison this year. Also a bison injured a husband and wife last year, and there were five such incidents in 2015.

What about all the attacks we don't know about. I mean if your in the forest and a bison attacks and eats you, no one would ever know. Just another missing person and a little fatter bison.

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