Al Gore. Remember him? He's the former Vice President of the United States who got rich promoting climate change alarmism. Apparently he's now looking to get rich off of fake meat, a very controversial topic for Montana's farmers and ranchers.

CNS News has this:

Gore is involved with big investments in a company that makes fake meat substitutes, all the while he is pushing for climate-based anti-meat regulations.

This pseudo-meat company, called Beyond Meat, was the most successful 2019 IPO in May, as determined by CBS News. Gore’s climate groups invested $200 million in this company, while studies from organizations to which he also has connections urged stores and consumers to look for meat alternatives – the very types of products in which Gore had just placed a massive investment.

This certainly makes you wonder what's shadier- the fake meat, or the fake studies he's using to promote it.

Given the importance of agriculture here in Montana, this is something we end up chatting about on the radio very frequently. When I cover the bigger ag conventions like the Montana Farm Bureau and the Montana Stockgrowers it's also a big part of the conversation each year now.

In late 2019, Montana Stockgrowers Executive Vice President Jay Bodner penned a column focused on the "fake meat conundrum & the Real MEAT Act." Here's an excerpt:

Research shows that when consumers choose meat alternatives, they do so because of what they perceive as health, safety, or environmental reasons. We in the ranching industry know ranching is not a threat to the environment, but it is up to us to make sure consumers know we are the real stewards of these lands.

Moving forward, we want to make sure fake meat – both current plant-based products and potential lab-produced products in the future – is properly marketed and regulated.





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