Just when you thought California cornered the market on the ridiculous along comes New York to outdo them.

Starting January 1, New York City birth certificate will have three option for the gender of the new born.

Male, female or X. If you choose X, then technically your child is neither in the eyes of the state.

Any correct thinking human would see this as totally and completely ridiculous. That’s not my problem.

My problem is that grown human beings not only buy into this but bother to even put it into action.

I guess if you mark an X then you have to sit back and wonder what your child will turn out to be. How exciting that must be for new parents.

Never mind the birth plumbing that usually defines who is male and who is female because according to New York that must happen somewhere down the line.

I’m a little confused as to how you name your child when they have no gender since gender is actually language.

What if Bob turns out to be Roberta? Of course, the birth name has no bearing on anything unless the time comes to prove who you really are.

Then the kids might wish they had been able to pick their parents. Who in their right mind would mark an X on the child’s birth certificate?

I wonder if Bruce Jenner has dual driver’s licenses or dual citizenship? “Good evening officer, I’m a little of both.”

Some Final Thoughts

When it comes to birth certificates in New York City one size fits all. You’re an “M,” “F,” or an “X.” Pink and blue are no longer necessary. Dresses or pants are interchangeable I suppose.

I’m can’t believe I’m even writing about something so ludicrous and that society is OK with it. I’m just glad I’m not from New York.

It must be something in the costal waters.

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