Prime Minister Theresa May Visits A Local Butchers Shop In Her Constituency Of Maidenhead
MAIDENHEAD, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May speaks with Jerry Rook during a visit to a local butchers shop in her constituency of Maidenhead ahead of Small Business Saturday on December 02, 2016 in Maidenhead, England. (Photo by Stefan Wermuth - Pool / Getty Images)

This is the time of year that many people think about making an employment change. In some cases it might be a realization that they’re not getting any younger.

It might be lack of appreciation at work or just wanting a little more freedom to work for a better boss — YOU!

You’d like to do it but — where do you start?

Where Do Good Business Ideas Come From?

Some people work with their hands while others work with their brains. Either can produce a more than livable income stream.

If you like working on your own car, and know something about it, then why not get paid to work on other people's cars?

If you’re good with numbers maybe taking on some bookkeeping for small businesses might work for you.

There is a simple rule that many successful people have followed that says, “Do what you love and the money will follow.”

Most small businesses begin by someone taking what they enjoy doing, as a hobby or for fun, and expanding that idea into a business.

Like, Need, Enjoy

If you like it, need it or enjoy it, there’s a pretty good chance other folk’s will too. The question is — can you satisfy all your customer’s needs at a profitable price?

If not, you’ll need to do some research on a higher price or more economical processing or a combination of the two.

Leaving Your Job For Your Business

You have a full time job that supports your family currently. Make a budget.

Start slow. Can you sell your products or services locally to a few customers on a part time basis to get a feel for the business?

How much will you have to produce to replace your full time income? Is your family willing to make the sacrifice of a lower income for a short period of time during the transition of leaving your work and getting your business off the ground?

Things Get Better With Age

You’re better at your work today than you were on the first day you were hired in. It will be the same with your business.

As you begin to do the work of the business you’ll discover more efficient ways of doing things.

These efficiencies will translate to a blacker bottom line and speed up the time it will take for you to leave your day job and do your business full time.

Some Final Thoughts

Success in any endeavor is a mindset. Your chances or success are more likely to happen if you think you’ll be successful.

That thinking will get you over the speed bumps and disasters every small startup business experiences.

Successful people simply will not be denied their dream. It’s not luck. They make it happen and you can too.

Slow and steady wins the race.

What’s your startup idea and how will you make it happen?

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