This movie is sure to be not only a crowd-pleaser but a great kid-friendly movie when it officially comes out. 

Deadline is reporting that a new family-friendly movie, called Powder Pup, wrapped filming, and has been picked up by Lionsgate Pictures. Why are we talking about this movie Powder Pup? The majority of the film was shot not only in Montana but at the Showdown Montana ski area

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Powder Pup's story goes like this, 

Shaun, a teenage surfer from Southern California, who has it all, has his world upended when his father announces they are moving to the mountains of Montana. Shaun is crushed until he meets a dog who can snowboard. Shawn, with the help of his canine friend, learns how to snowboard and enters the end of the year tournament. 

This film doesn't give us Air Bud vibes. If you haven't seen the film Air Bud, the movie is about a kid who befriends a dog and learns how to play basketball. It's an adorable film and was a part of my childhood. 

Powder Pup seems to be among the same storylines, but for snowboarding essentially. I appreciate the film shot a majority of the snowboarding scenes at an actual Montana ski area. Plus, to pick a ski area like Showdown Montana, is a fantastic choice for a filming location. Showdown Montana gets a high accumulation of snow every year and is one of the longest-running locally owned ski areas in the United States. 

Lionsgate hasn't announced when Powder Pups will be released, but we figure sometime this fall. Powder Pups stars Jay Mohr(Jerry Maguire) and Ashton Arbab(Netflix's Babysitting Guide to Monster Hunting). 

Whether this comes out in theaters or to a streaming service, we have a feeling this will be a hit with many kids and families. 

For more details, check out Deadline

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