If there is one thing we are fortunate to have here in Bozeman, we have several incredible Mexican restaurants to choose from nearby. 

Mexican food is delicious, and everyone loves it. From burritos to tacos to any of the many dishes Mexican restaurants serve, they will always get repeat customers. Here in the Gallatin Valley, we have several incredible Mexican food options from Mr. Burritos to Fiesta Mexicana and several unbelievable food trucks to choose from as well. 

The thing is, one of the most beloved Mexican food spots is El Rodeo. It's obvious how popular they are in Bozeman, El Rodeo currently have three locations spread out among the city. El Rodeo has one spot in the food court of the Gallatin Valley Mall, their taco truck on 7th Avenue, and El Rodeo just opened a new location on Huffine Lane.

There is one Mexican restaurant that might rival El Rodeo. 

Los Jarochos Grill has been gaining popularity in recent years and has become a reliable place to get fantastic Mexican food. Los Jarochos started as a food truck, but now has a brick-and-mortar location behind Roost Chicken. Their food truck is still around, you can find it off Rouse Avenue and Mendenhall. Los Jarochos is opening a third location though. 

Los Jarochos via Facebook
Los Jarochos via Facebook

Los Jarochos will be opening a new location in Bozeman. Los Jarohos will be taking over the trailer in The Lark in downtown Bozeman. Los Jarochos will become the new hot spot in downtown Bozeman to get delectable Mexican fare. If you are walking around downtown and want a light snack, you will be able to get some delicious tacos this summer. 

Either way, we should celebrate that we are getting another spot to get great Mexican food. 

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