Robert Kollar's new film about how he became a father, Take Two  will premiere in Bozeman Sunday, June 18 on Fathers Day.

Friday, June 16 Kollar will be on Dominick In The Morning to talk about the movie. Now, a Bozeman resident directed the film. And, the film that screens at the Ellen Theater, is a true story.

Three years after a one-night stand Kollar learns he has a daughter. As an out of work actor and film maker, life is a struggle for Kollar who has lost everything. He leaves California only to find his 3-year-old daughter is living in poverty, being neglected and maybe even abused.

The story of Robert and his newly found child is amazing and even inspirational movie.

Today, she is a honor student at Heritage Christian School in Bozeman and hopes people can learn from her story.

Take Two Sunday June 18 on Father's Day at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman. Friday June 16 live, in studio, Dominick In The Morning.



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