Robert Kollar's new film about how he became a father, Take Two  will premiere in Bozeman Sunday, June 18 on Fathers Day.

Friday, June 16 Kollar will be on Dominick In The Morning to talk about the movie. Now, a Bozeman resident directed the film. And, the film that screens at the Ellen Theater, is a true story.

Three years after a one-night stand Kollar learns he has a daughter. As an out of work actor and film maker, life is a struggle for Kollar who has lost everything. He leaves California only to find his 3-year-old daughter is living in poverty, being neglected and maybe even abused.

The story of Robert and his newly found child is amazing and even inspirational movie.

Today, she is a honor student at Heritage Christian School in Bozeman and hopes people can learn from her story.

Click Here to see Movies With A Mission Trailer for Take Two

Take Two Sunday June 18 on Father's Day at the Ellen Theater in Bozeman. Friday June 16 live, in studio, Dominick In The Morning.