Okay guys..."this is super freaking real." NBC News is reporting on the friction between the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls and the vulnerable Democratic senators up for re-election in 2018.

Here's what Kaily Grabemann with the Republican National Committee had to say about the story:

2020 Democratic hopefuls have started blasting their own colleagues to appeal to their far-left base. They’re even raising money off of the attacks, which have gotten pretty ugly.

In a fundraising email, Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused her colleagues of supporting a “Bank Lobbyist Act.” And it’s not sitting well with them.

According to NBC News, here's what a Democratic strategist had to say about the friction between Warren and Democratic Senator Jon Tester (D-MT):

“This is super freaking real,” a Democratic strategist who used to work in the Senate said of the tensions in the party. “(Sen.) Tester is pissed at Warren over what happened on banking.”

Tester has supported Elizabeth Warren on most of the major issues, but this Dodd-Frank rollback- fueled by Jon Tester's campaign contributions from the financial sector- is no doubt triggering this feud.

No wonder Tester's friends are working to block the Green Party from showing up on the ballot this November.

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