You have to love when a public organization uses an internet trend to troll people.

With Halloween coming up, a Spirit Halloween meme has been circulating online. People love it, and it's turned into a trend.

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The meme is simple. People have been posting pictures of the plastic bags that generic Spirit Halloween costumes come in, then editing the photo to add  their own funny costume descriptions and pictures. The descriptions are the things that make it so much fun. It's a way to poke fun at yourself or have a good laugh. 

Credit:Pick6Athletics via Instagram

The reason behind this is that Spirit Halloween seems to have a costume for anything, but because they don't have the rights to certain TV shows or movies, so they have to give the costumes generic names, like killer clown or guy who works at the office. The meme has become so popular that even the National Parks Service has done one, and it's amazing. 

Credit:National Parks Service via Instagram

As you can see, the National Parks Service's Instagram posted the trend, and instead of a costume called a bison, it's a Fluffy Cow Encounter. This costume entails bandages, ruined vacations, and general pain. 

For anyone who doesn't know, closely encountering a fluffy cow in the National Parks is frowned upon because you will have a terrible time. Fluffy cows tend to charge anyone who gets too close. 

It's lovely to see the National Parks Service having fun and making fun of all of the tourists who can't follow the rules and end up on the wrong side of a wildlife encounter. 

Maybe one day, tourists will get the hint. 

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