Yesterday was the last straw for my previous Samsung Notebook 4 Android smart phone. It was a great phone for everything but making a phone call.

The list of problems was probably more than it would be possible to list here but a few of the things that really bugged me were:

  • If the phone did ring sliding the phone icon to answer rarely worked so I would have to call the person back.
  • I couldn’t make a call near the hospital, on Oak Street near Santa Fe Red’s.
  • It would dial people while sitting in my pocket. I would hear this voice saying “Hello, Hello?” I had no idea who it called.
  • It would change the background on the home page.
  • It would send gibberish text messages to accounts that didn’t exist
  • It actually started a group on Facebook called “9,” and invited several of my contacts.
  • There were many instances when pulling it out of my pocket I would see a page or function I never saw before.
  • Pressing the message icon would give you the camera sometimes.

I probably should have named it Poltergeist. The guy at the phone store thought it was probably some kind of virus.

That’s a stock answer that always works because there is always little evidence to refute it.

The New Phone

You might think I would kick that Samsung brand to the curb but no I got another one just like it.

Does that make any sense? I did save $4 a month on the bill but bought a $25 case to protect it. So my savings will start in 6 months.

Why did I go for the same brand and kind of phone? Screen size is the short answer.

My aging eyes need a little help in reading the Facebook and Business Insider stuff.

The good news is I have two weeks to evaluate this phone and see if it has some of the same ghostly features of the previous one.

Some Final Thoughts

When the phone locked up and I had to go a full day without it I have to admit it was uncomfortable.

I don’t have to pull it out every ten seconds to text or look at something but I do like the security of it being in my pocket.

What if I broke down? The phone would be a God Send. Unless I was by Santa Fe Red’s or at the hospital or a couple of other dead spots in town.

So we’ll see how things go this next two weeks. How’s your smart phone working?

Comments below.

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