I have thought VERY long and hard about this question, posed to me by my editor.

I could tell you about the year when I asked for and received that gift or when I made that harrowing travel home to Mom and Family. Or even my overseas holiday season with the woman I loved, but I have chosen not to here... Not because they were not great Christmas' - Only because my Favorite Christmas EVER is the next one to come.

The NEXT one is going to be the BEST ONE EVER. THAT is what the season is all about to me. It's not the nostalgia of the shared past of my family & friends but the promise of the Future - It's the understanding of something completely American, Tomorrow is a Better Day.

Santa comes in a week and a day...

And after that 365 days away from the next visit.

Here's what I will say; DON'T look for a turkey near Thanksgiving in New Zealand, there are none, none - they don't grow them there. DON'T drive I-90 into Buffalo, NY in whiteout/gale conditions. DO ask Santa for an erector set if you're a five year old boy.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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