ISLA VISTA , CA - MAY 24: Bullet holes are seen in the window of the IV Deli Mart, one of several crime scenes on May 24, 2014 in Isla Vista, California.
(Photo by Spencer Weiner/Getty Images)
ISLA VISTA , CA - MAY 24: Bullet holes are seen in the window of the IV Deli Mart, one of several crime scenes on May 24, 2014 in Isla Vista, California.
(Photo by Spencer Weiner/Getty Images)

Six people are dead in a Santa Barbara, California killing spree. Three killed with a gun and three more with a knife.  The killer injured several more with his car and shot many more who were lucky enough to survive. In total there were ten crime scenes and dozens of crimes committed before he was either wounded by police or took his own life.

Who Was He And How Did I Find Out?

Who was he? He was a coward that’s who he was. He was a cold, calculated killer who was happy to use any weapon at his disposal to reach his ultimate goal — for you to know his name, and talk about him around your water coolers. Well you won’t find his name posted here.

How did I find out? The talking heads of national media were more than happy to bring all the gory details right into my living room. The killer’s whole life is presented in glittering graphics; interviews with neighbors and co-workers while the victims are buried on page 8. They are merely a footnote soon to be forgotten as we wring our hands wondering how such a horrible thing could happen.

Social Media

The coward had no problem posting all over social media about his shortcomings with the fairer sex. He was not a fan of women to say the least. Two of his six victims were female.

I Wonder Why The Law Was Not A Deterrent?

The answer is simple. Legal precedents or gun free zones will not deter determined people who wish to harm innocents. It’s easy to throw out the “mental illness” card. Wouldn’t someone have to be absolutely crazy to do a thing like this?

A crazy person doesn’t go to great lengths to hide his intentions from police that came to check on him April 30th after family members were concerned about YouTube videos he'd posted. A crazy person doesn't plan the attack for April then postpones it till May due to illness. A crazy person doesn’t take three guns and 400 rounds of ammo with him.

All his guns were legally obtained from legal dealers. All the safeguards were in place. Waiting period, background check, according to the defintion he was honest, righteous, honorable, upright, upstanding, good, decent, virtuous, moral, dutiful, obedient, and compliant — a law-abiding citizen.

He knew he was committing crimes but he had a greater goal. Fame and recognition were stronger than doing the right thing. Letting him off with an insanity plea would have been an additional slap in the face to the victim’s families.

Out Of The Woodwork; Into A Sound Bite

What are the first things we hear when these events happen? Who can we blame and how can we score ideological points doing it? Blame the NRA, Congress, gun lobbyists, TV, video games, etc. each takes their hits rather than pointing the finger where it really belongs — at the cowardly murderer. He’s responsible. Not guns, not knives, not cars, not gun bans, or the second amendment — just him.

Using Santa Barbara as a tool to promote your own agenda doesn’t make you any better than the coward you profess to want stopped. Aren’t you being just as selfish, just as conceded, and manipulative as the bad guy when you use innocent victims to foster your own agenda?

Some Final Thoughts

Sadly more of these events are going to occur. Those among us that want to do us harm can always find a way. Any weapon will do. All the laws in all the lands can’t stop a determined person who choses lethal force to pacify his or her objectives. And they are usually too cowardly to face the victim’s families. Good riddance.

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