Montana State University Police Chief Rob Putzke is continuing a tradition of shared security for the 115th Brawl of the Wild on Saturday at Bobcat Stadium.

Putzke said for the last several years, each of the two campus police forces have sent over personnel to enhance security at the opposing school's venue.

"At Cat-Griz, no matter where the game is held, there's more need of security than one force can provide so four or five years ago, the police chief at UM and I started a new tradition," Putzke said. "We started sending officers over when the game was away, to try to augment the staff that was there."

Putzke said win or lose, keeping people safe in the stadium is the priority.

"I think we've got four UM police officers here, and we love working with them," he said. "They're great guys and they do a great job. We also have two officers here from MSU Billings, so we'll have between 30 and 35 officers working the game."

Putzke said, despite the warnings from Homeland Security, and the extra scruitiny that fans will receive as they enter the stadium, the only headlines he'd like to see coming out of the game is that the Cats beat the Griz."


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