If there is one food that everyone can agree on we all enjoy, it has to be tacos. They are simple, easy to eat, and delicious.

If there is one true thing, people will enjoy a taco at any time of the day. Whether it's Taco Tuesday, breakfast, or late at night, tacos are a treat, and people love the variety they can get.

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We've discussed where the best tacos in Bozeman are but what about in Montana? That could be hard to figure out where, until now.

Lovefood made a list of Every State's Most Tempting Tacos, and Montana's is a college favorite but a local icon.

Montana's most tempting tacos can be found at Bozeman's Taco Montes. Lovefood points out that the Frito Pie is the most tempting taco on their menu.

Taco Montes via Facebook
Taco Montes via Facebook

What's on the Frito Pie taco? It seems simple but very delicious. The taco has Fritos, Texas-style chili, Monterey jack cheese, roasted habanero crema, and more. The upside is Taco Montes will have you back to try more tacos.

If you are new to the Bozeman area and have never been or heard of Taco Montes, you are missing out on an essential part of being a local. If you don't have the time to head up to Taco Montes, don't worry, Bozeman has other tasty taco options.

Taco Montes via Facebook
Taco Montes via Facebook

The Bozeman area is an embarrassment of riches for quality taco spots. If you drive down 7th Avenue, there are several taco trucks and restaurants to check out. There is also a new Mexican restaurant that opened in the Cannery District.

Even though it's not Taco Tuesday, who wants to grab some tacos? Check out more details on Lovefood.

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