Sometimes you are broke and don't have the funds to get to a beautiful destination but sometimes technology can help whisk us away to a better place.

Love Exploring came up with a  list of Every State's Top Virtual Attraction, and I thought this was a really interesting list. These virtual attractions help whisk you away to a new great location. Maybe it's a museum, maybe it's a theme park, but here in Montana, we have possibly one of the best virtual attractions in the nation.

The best virtual attraction in Montana is Glacier National Park and it's all thanks to Google Earth. You can literally do everything virtually that you can do if you were there in person. You can kayak the iconic Lake McDonald, hike some amazing trails, and even venture to some of the great waterfalls. That's pretty sweet.

Photo by Cole Allen via Unsplash
Photo by Cole Allen via Unsplash

Glacier National Park is absolutely gorgeous and honestly one of the most underrated national parks in the nation. I personally believe it's better than Yellowstone National park but that's just my opinion.

I'm surprised there aren't more virtual attractions in Montana. Like why don't they have a virtual tour for the Museum of the Rockies, Lewis & Clark Caverns, or even the Butte Underground? All of these spots would be perfect for a virtual tour and would be a blast to set up.

Think about the cool details and exhibits you could put on display for people to look at and experience and even entice them to see the places in person. I love that idea.

Glacier National Park is a top-tier virtual attraction but I feel like there could be a lot more options. What would you like to see as a virtual attraction in Montana?

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