Everyone can get a little stressed out before they head to the airport to travel. We constantly ask questions like, did you pack everything you needed? Did you turn off all of your appliances? One big question that I always ask myself is, do I have my ID with me? 

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Having the proper identification is crucial to acquiring your boarding passes, checking your bags, and heading through security. 

The Department of Homeland Security urges everyone who travels domestically to update their identification with a REAL ID. These IDs have better security standards and can't be faked. Previously, the Department of Homeland Security set May 3rd, 2023 as the date by which these IDs would be necessary for certain travel. Alternative forms of identification will also be accepted, however. For example, you might choose not to get a REAL ID if you already have a valid passport. It all sounds a bit complicated, but worry not; the Department of Homeland Security recently gave us some good news.

martince2/Getty Images
martince2/Getty Images

The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport announced that the Department of Homeland Security has extended the deadline from May 3rd, 2023, to May 7th, 2025. So now you have an additional two years to update your driver's license to the REAL ID. 

This is fantastic news for many folks who are planning on trips in 2023 and don't have the time to get a REAL ID before May. The extension means your current Montana ID will be suitable for all your traveling needs for the next couple of years. 

den-belitsky/Getty Images
den-belitsky/Getty Images

We recommend scheduling a visit with the Montana Department of Transportation to get a REAL ID sooner rather than later. You might as well get this out of the way so you can travel with peace of mind. 

For more details, check out the Bozeman Airport

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