According to a report by the University of Montana, the state of Montana's tourism industry is strong. Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research Director Norma Nickerson said 2014 was a record year for tourism dollars.

"What we're seeing is the tourism industry is, in terms of spending, has been going up, and it is the highest that we've ever seen," Nickerson said. "$3.9 almost $4 billion that's dropped directly from the state from non-residents coming in. This has nothing to do with all of us who travel around our own state."

Nickerson predicts that 2015 will be even better.

"Nationally they're saying that the domestic travel within the country will go up at least two percent," Nickerson said. "We're looking at spending going up four or five percent—even more so than it was this past year. It's producing a nice little economic impact for this state."

Montana tourism dollars peaked in 2007 before heading into a five year slump that ended in 2013.

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