As a kid growing up, I was torn between two potential careers. Truck Driver or Radio DJ.

I was a kid of the 70/80s so I was all about driving one of those big rigs, talking on the CB, listening to country radio, and having a pet chimpanzee (for those under the age of 40 google the tv show BJ and the Bear). Once I learned that you couldn't really drive around with a primate in your cab, I decided to go with country radio and the rest is history.

I bring this up because there is a huge demand for truck drivers not only in the United States but here in Montana as well. With empty shelves in grocery and retail stores, one of the reasons is the lack of drivers in the trucking industry.

In fact, I heard that there is a demand is up to 80 thousand new truckers across the states. Granted, you don't get your own chimpanzee, but you do get to see a whole lot of these great United States and you make a pretty decent wage depending on the situation.


According to KPAX and the American Trucking Association, the demand started before the pandemic, however, Covid has certainly made things worse as the supply chain remains weak across the country.

Ok, so let's get to the important part, shall we?  How much do you make here in Montana?  That's a great question and to be honest with you, you may get a few different answers.

According to the average salary for a truck driver in Montana is just under 80 grand or 77,296 dollars a year. Ok, well that seems like a pretty decent salary, right?  However, when you go over to, they say the average salary is right around 45 grand per year.

Of course, there are other factors involved as well.  Do you own your own truck? Are you working for a company?

However, if you enjoy the open road and dining at truck stops along the way (who doesn't? Truck Stop food is the best), trucking could be a great opportunity.  Plus, it's a great job for couples that don't have kids, or maybe for all those empty nesters out there looking for something to do. If it even sounds a little interesting, there are some pretty impressive sign-on bonuses with some up to 10 grand to sign-on out there.

I'll be honest, there is just something about having the chance to travel the highways of this country that seems a bit romantic and nostalgic at the same time.  To be able to meet good folks and see what America is all about? Sounds like an adventure to me.

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