This kid wasn't going to let anything stop him from making it to prom in Montana.

With flood waters surrounding their home near Glasgow, and the county road leaving the ranch covered in 2 1/2 feet of water- Trevor Klind had to get creative. So he hopped into the kayak and made it to prom.

It's been a long week for Trevor and other area farmers and ranchers. While he's smiling big in the kayak on the way to prom, his mom Toby Klind said she had to tell us the full story:

We are in the full swing of calving and live right on the river, so we pulled Trevor out of school this week to move all the cattle and hay to higher ground, which makes everything a lot harder. So he has had to put in some really long days this week and he was really excited to get to the other side of the river and see other human life form rather than just us, cows, mud and water.


Courtesy Toby Klind
Courtesy Toby Klind
Courtesy Toby Klind

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