Election results will be sent off to the Secretary of State's office throughout the night tonight, November 6, with initial results appearing just after 8:00 p.m. Over the next day, the results may change slightly as more votes are tallied and verified. For a full picture of election turnout and the final totals there is no better place in Montana to go than the Secretary of State's website, right here:



At the Missoula County Election Center at the Fairgrounds, Elections Administrator Dayna Causby was enthusiastic about the voter turnout for the mid-term election.

"Right now we're at a 72 percent absentee ballot return rate,and we're looking to hit the same numbers as the 2016 Presidential election, so almost an 85 percent return rate on absentees alone," said a weary but smiling Causby. "There's a lot of hype. Again, almost the same turnout as the 2016 general election, which is very unusual for a midterm election."

Causby said there was no real partisanship one way or the other in the lines, with an almost 40 minute waiting time, but just the general excitement over the election.

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