With the 2016 primary elections over, officials are now looking at the numbers to see how many Montanans participated. Nearly 649,000 Montanans took the time to register to vote, but less than half of them actually did so, according to Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch.

"Well, the voter turnout was actually pretty good. It was 44.65 percent, which was just a little bit lower than the 2008 primary," McCulloch said. "In 2008, it was 45.2 percent. So it was like less than a percentage point."

This election didn’t break the turnout record, nor did it break the late registration record, but it got close.

"Election Day registration was 3,308. For the total 30 days it was 6,219. So that actually was probably better than most Election Day registration, with the exception of 2012," McCulloch said.

Three of the final counties to report election night results to the Secretary of State’s office included Ravalli, Missoula, and Lake Counties. According to McCulloch delays in most of the later counties were due to lots of write-in candidates that cannot be processed by machine.

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