What if your child got picked for the high school football team and you went to see a game. When you got to the stadium, you were told that parents are not allowed to watch their children play football. What? How could that be? Would the Montana High School Association do such a thing?

No, not to high school football; but golf is a different story.

Today on Dominick On The Air, Chris Kelly whose son is a golfer, explained how that is the case here in Montana. Kelly showed up to see his son play and was told the Montana High School Association doesn't allow anyone to watch the golf team - not parents, not friends not even scouts from colleges around the country who are trying to find kids for golf scholarships.

Kelly and other parents are very upset about this. They point out Montana is the only state in the country that has such a rule.

Kelly has put together a petition asking the assistant athletic director for Montana high schools to please change this rule. As he told the story on the show, my Thursday guest, cohost and attorney Jennifer Bordy couldn't believe this could be true.

Bordy commented, "This doesn't seem legal."

It could be the Montana High School Association thinks parents watching might not be bad for the kids. But Kelly pointed out that if a parent or someone interferes with the game then that parent could be banned. Banning parents, college scouts and others from watching the golf team seems unreasonable.

Some high schools like the ban but some don't.

If you think or agree that this high school rule should be repealed, if you think parents should be able to watch their kid play a sport and not be banned, unless they interfere with the sport, you can do something. Sign the petition

We will be updating and following this story on Dominick On The Air.




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