GREAT FALLS, Mont. (AP) — A Montana man whose father signed up for cryogenic preservation after death is suing to obtain the older man's remains.
Laurence Pilgeram paid Scottsdale, Arizona-based Alcor Life Extension Foundation $120,000 to preserve his remains in a frozen state indefinitely.
Pilgeram hoped if he were frozen, future technology might someday enable him to be restored to life. He died in 2015.
Now, Kurt Pilgeram, of Dutton, Montana, claims in a lawsuit that Alcor severed his father's head for freezing and sent him the cremated remains of the rest of the body. The son claims his father wanted his entire body preserved.
The Great Falls Tribune reports Pilgeram seeks over $1 million in damages and the return of his father's head.
Alcor says it has honored its agreement with Laurence Pilgeram.

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