Apparently, we could see a whole lot more during the year than what we are used to and that is very surprising.

Thrillist came out with a list of the Least Visited States in American and Montana landed on the list at #4 for the least visited state. According to them, we see an average of 12.6 million visitors annually and even though they might not think that's a lot. That's well over twelve times the population of Montana. Especially, when you think about all those visitors are mostly congregated in areas such as Bozeman, Missoula, Whitefish and other popular winter/summer spots.

West Thumb Geyser Basin thermal activity and trees in morning fog
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Thrillist mentions in their post they mention places like Yellowstone and Glacier National Park are incredible places to visit. Then they go on to talk about other locations that are fun to check out from Livingston to Missoula and Whitefish.

Here's the thing, even though we are one of the least visited states in America we can definitely be one of the busiest. That's due to the fact that most of the tourism in Montana is usually centralized to the Gallatin Valley due to Big Sky Resort and West Yellowstone and mostly all of western Montana due to fly fishing, Flathead Lake, Whitefish Mountain Resort and Glacier National Park.

I mean before the COVID-19 pandemic the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport was adding new flights it seemed like every month due to it being the busiest airport in Montana and also that airport broke their own travel record for passengers seven years in a row. It's mind blowing.

So just a heads up, if things do get somewhat back to normal soon we might see more folks coming to Montana to see why Big Sky Country is one of the best places on Earth. Just thought you should know.

For more details, check out Thrillist.

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