Sometimes when you are traveling you don't want to do a lot of research or travel into a town to grab some food. Luckily, there are a few roadside diners in Montana to check out, but which one is the best? 

Lovefood came out with a list of Every State's Best Roadside Diner, and Montana had a surprising choice. The definition of a roadside diner is right on a major highway and has fantastic food. Lovefood picked a spot that honestly brought me a lot of joy, not just because the food is fantastic but because Lovefood picked a diner in my hometown. 

The best roadside diner in Montana is Betty's Diner in Polson, Montana. Betty's Diner is right on Highway 93 as you are driving through Polson and has a beautiful view of Flathead Lake while you are enjoying your meal. Betty's Diner is a local favorite in Polson. My parents love going there to have an incredible burger. 

Betty's Diner via Facebook
Betty's Diner via Facebook

I am so happy they chose Betty's Diner because this restaurant is the definition of a roadside diner. Every time I see one of these lists about the 'best of' in Montana, I never see anything from a small town, but I am so happy I have been proven wrong. 

The only other roadside diners that I would recommend to be honorable mentions are Muzz & Stan's Freeway Tavern in Butte or The Raven in Woods Bay. Muzz & Stan's Freeway Taven is just off of I=-90 and has the quintessential pork chop sandwich. The Raven in Woods Bay sits right on Flathead Lake and has some of the best fish tacos you will get in Montana. 

So the next time you plan a trip, you might want to head up to Polson and plan a pit stop at Betty's Diner. 

For more details, check out Lovefood

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