Sometimes when you go on a ski or snowboarding trip you want to have the full experience, and an authentic ski town can make a huge difference. 

Unofficial Networks came out with a list of North America's 10 Most Authentic Ski Towns on one Montana town landed on the list at #7. When we saw their choice, we couldn't agree more. One of the most authentic ski towns is the jewel of Northwest Montana, Whitefish. 

Whitefish, Montana is a place that has a huge personality when it comes to being a ski or snowboarding mecca. Whitefish Mountain Resort(Big Mountain to locals) is less than eight miles from the town itself, and it's a whole experience. The town being less than 7,000 people, it has a small-town feel and makes every experience feel special. 

Photo by Colin Cassidy via Unsplash
Photo by Colin Cassidy via Unsplash

Whitefish will always hold a special place in my heart. Big Mountain is where I learned to ski at an early age and where my brother tragically failed to teach me how to snowboard(I will never forgive him tricking me into going down moguls on a snowboard). Downtown Whitefish is a place that has an incredible food and bar scene. Plus, they have a really amazing Christmas Festival as well. 

In my humble opinion, Whitefish is the quintessential ski town in Montana. There is no other place that gives me picturesque ski town vibes in Montana. When it comes to skiing or snowboarding Whitefish will always be my go-to spot. So if you have some time this winter, when the snow finally falls, you should make a weekend trip up to Whitefish and have yourself a great weekend in a fantastic ski town. You might just fall in love with it too. 

For more details, check out Unofficial Networks

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