The Montana Green Party wants a write-in candidate to challenge one of its members who allegedly made derogatory comments about immigrants and former President Barack Obama. House District 85 candidate John Gibney, of Hamilton, who's running for state Legislature doesn't represent the progressive party's values, Green Party Coordinator Danielle Breck said.

Gibney refused this week to apologize for comments that Breck thinks are "bigoted."
While attending a 2016 anti-immigration rally in Missoula, a reporter claims he said Obama was a "black Muslim trying to bring this country down" and that immigrants "rape, kill and destroy." Gibney is the second Green candidate whose background has raised questions about his compatibility with the Montana Green Party.

U.S. Senate candidate Timothy Adams was formerly on the Montana Republican party's payroll and doesn't like high unjust taxes. We're not sure why the Montana Green Party would be for high unjust taxes but his nomination seems to bother them. Adams will be on Dominick in The Morning on Tuesday March 20.

It would be hard to have Gibney removed from the ballot, Breck says her party hopes to enlist a write-in candidate to run against him in the primary.

Adams and the other Green party candidates are now being asked to sign a loyalty oath, like people who were accused of being Communists in the 1950's did. In writing they want them to agree to the party's values, which include social justice, non-violence, respect for diversity, ecological wisdom and other principles.

While the Montana Green Party says they are for diversity it seems odd they are attacking the parties Senate candidate Adams, who is an openly gay man. It may look like homophobia to some voters.


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