Listen, just because the city isn't too pretty doesn't mean the place isn't a fun time to go to. Maybe they deserve another chance.

Buzzfeed compiled a list from a Reddit user who asked, "What is the Ugliest City You Have Ever Visited?" and they chose the 18 best responses. Surprisingly, one Montana city landed on the list and we are kind of surprised that another Montana city wasn't chosen.

So apparently, Butte was named one of the ugliest cities and this is what the Reddit user said about Butte. Some NSFW language just so you know.

Butte, Montana. No place I have ever been has more acurately captured stale beer and piss, dirty ashtray vibe of utter despair.

Was it really that bad? The thing is Butte isn't for everyone but it's not that bad. Butte might not be the prettiest city in Montana but there is a rich history and it's extremely blue-collar. I think this Reddit user just had a terrible time in Butte and maybe should give the town another try. Especially because Butte's St. Patrick's Day celebration is absolutely legendary.

Photo by Natalie Nicks via Unsplash
Photo by Natalie Nicks via Unsplash

The thing is if one Montana city was going to land on this list, it probably should be Billings, Montana. We have to be honest here folks. There are some parts of Billings that are just god-awful. From the oil refineries to the whole layout of the city. The whole place seems like a punch of puzzle pieces jammed together for no reason.

That's just my opinion though.

For more details, check out Buzzfeed.

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