On Thursday, the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, a national not-for-profit that leads the fight to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking, is recognizing Montana Attorney General Tim Fox, who has shown an outstanding commitment to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking in Montana. 

"I have partnered with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility and I've done a number of public service announcements for them," Fox said. "I've done a number of school assemblies here in Montana where they got me to do some things that were captured on camera. Let's put it this way, I won't be surprised to see these videos on TV then next time I run for reelection."

One of the projects the attorney general has been working on in relation to the issue of drunk driving is the 24/7 program.

"I've been pushing really hard to expand the 24/7 sobriety program into those counties that haven't been using it so that we can hold people accountable and have a real impact on the lives of the people of Montana," he said.

Fox said the effort must be made to change the culture in Montana that it's OK to drink and drive, as long as you're careful, and that it's OK to be an underage drinker.

"Somehow, that's got to change," he said.