On the show today I was reading a story from KTVE news about a smoking ban in parks in Butte, Montana. But shouldn't it be "Butt" Montana? "Butt," the word for a person's back side. Why is it Butte ("Ba u ta") Montana?

I need someone to explain this? On my show, Dominick In The Morning, I ask listeners to tell me why.

One listener says, "The city was suppose to be 'Butter,' Montana but they forgot the 'r.'"

But that is a good point. In the word "butter" you still have the "but" sound.  So why is it if I say Butte ("Ba u ta") Montana and I add an "r" it becomes "butter" with the "but" sound?

Or should "butter" be called "Ba-u-ta-r." It's not. It's called butter, the but sound like the backside of a person.

I know I am right. Thank God I came to Montana to explain all this to you. You have been saying the name of one of your cities wrong. You have been doing it for decades. It has to stop.

I am officially starting a campaign to stop the foolishness. Butte, ("Ba u ta") Montana is no more. From this day forth it is Butte, ("Ba u ta") Montana, and it will be pronounced Butte, ("But") Montana.

Join me...



Cold Butter

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