After reviewing Zillow research data from 2018 to 2019, released a study showing the fastest rising home values in America.

With median home prices up 8.3 percent over the past year, Montana is ranked 10th for growth. Nationally, home prices rose 7.2 percent or about $15,000 more than last year.

Since the dark days of 2009, prices have steadily climbed and are up over 50% on average from the lowest point. This is great news for homeowners whose homes may be worth more than their pre-recession values, but less great news for homebuyers who can afford less house for the dollar.

The top 3 states with fastest rising home values:

  1. Idaho (17.2)
  2. Utah (14.0)
  3. Nevada (10.9)

Only two states, Alaska and Delaware, had home prices fall in the last year. Seattle was the largest city where prices decreased the fastest with home prices dropping 2.4 percent from March 2018. Newark, Dallas, and Buffalo were the largest cities with the most growth up at least 15 percent in each place.

The top 3 smaller cities with the fastest rising home values:

  1. Nettleton, MS (49.3)
  2. Oakwood, OH (45.1)
  3. North Bloomfield, OH (42.3)

For the complete study of Fastest Rising Home Values in America, CLICK HERE.

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